Becoming a Ciseern Member

A1: The membership is acquired through invitation. However, if you’re interested, you may download the Membership Application Form from our website. Fill up the mandatory details and email to us or fax to 6552 8160.
A2: All members under this program will receive a unique Membership Card via post. You may email us at to enquire about your membership status. Kindly note that your NRIC will be your lifetime membership number.
A3: The membership is valid for a lifetime and will never expire.
A4: You may email your new details to us at Your particulars will be updated within 7 working days.
A5: Yes, you may email your intention to us at Your membership account will be deactivated within 7 working days.


Loyalty Points & Members’ Benefits

A1: Loyalty Points are points credited into your account when you have successfully referred a relative or friend to Ciseern.
A2: Loyalty Points enable you to redeem gifts and vouchers from selected merchants through Ciseern. Please refer to “Members’ Benefits” on our website for merchants’ list.
A3: Yes, Loyalty Points can be accumulated for a lifetime and will never expire. It will always be stored in your Membership Account, unless you utilize it.
A4: For every $1,000 worth of products or service your relatives or friends paid for, 20 Loyalty Points will be credited into your Membership Account. For example, if the total amount is $30,000, you will gain 30 x 20 = 600 Loyalty Points.
A5: The Loyalty Points will be automatically credited into your Membership Account within 10 days once your referred relative or friends completes any purchase or service with us. This will allow you to enjoy the full amount your relative or friend has paid for, inclusive of any additional work incurred.
A6: Simply fill up all the mandatory details in the Redemption form and submit online. Our Customer Care Officer will attend to your needs within 3 working days. The gift will be delivered to you within the next 10 working days.
A7: You may enquire about your Loyalty Point balance by emailing your Membership number to We will attend to your needs within 3 working days upon receipt of the enquiry.
A8: Yes. Once any points are added or deducted from your Membership Account, an automated generated email will be sent to update you on the Loyalty Points balance.


Referring a relative or friend to Ciseern

A1: Simply fill up all the mandatory details in the Referral Form and submit online. Our Customer Care Officer will acknowledge you on the receipt of the form via email.
A2: If your referred relative or friend has already gotten in touch with our designer, we regret that this referred person will not be considered under this program.
A3: You will be notified via email or SMS within 3 working days when your referred customer made any purchase or engage any project with Ciseern.


Benefits for your referred relatives or friends

A1: Yes, they will receive a free $40 Courts Cash Voucher during their second visit when our designers presents them our quotation and proposal. These vouchers can be used to offset your purchase amount at Courts with no minimum purchase required.
A2: Yes, they can opt to join our Membership Program and enjoy the same benefits as other members.
A3: Absolutely no. This is a win-win scenario where both, you and your referred relative or friend will enjoy special benefits at no additional cost. This is our way of saying “thank you” for trusting and making Ciseern your preferred Interior Design Partner.


If your questions are not answered, do email us at  We will be glad to assist you.