Ciseern Membership Program

Welcome to Ciseern Membership Program!

For every relative or friend you refer to us, you will be handsomely rewarded with exciting Loyalty Points! All you have to do is SIMPLE. Just refer us your relative or friend and leave the rest to us! Sit back, relax and enjoy as we credit the points into your lifetime membership account.

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What’s great about our membership program?

If you’re happy with the service previously provided by Ciseern, we invite you to spread the love and pay it forward to those around you!

Worry not! Your referred customers are not obliged to engage our service. But who knows, we may end up as a good choice of comparison for them!

Good news is that if someone you refer signs up for our service, you’ll both earn special reward! That’s our way of thanking you. And your loved ones you refer will also thank you.

So, why not?Pay it forward……….


How it works?


Introduce a relative / friend to us. Fill up the
Referral Form


We will contact your relative/
friend for


Upon successful referral, an email will be sent
inform you


Points will be credited to your account upon project handover


You are eligible to redeem gifts / vouchers. Fill up the Redemption Form


To find out more information on our membership program, click here. If your questions are not answered, please email us at and we will be glad to assist you in any way.