- There might be a smell caused by the thinner from painting or varnish on timber, especially for parquet flooring. Two days of opening windows would rid the house of the smell. Pandan leaves can also be placed in the cupboards.

- Do not open the cupboards and leave it to air, the cupboards door might be spoilt because of the pressure in hinges due to expansion and contraction.

- Hence, never leave any wardrobe, cabinet or cupboard doors open for prolonged periods of time.

- Also, never hang anything on door handles as this would place more pressure on the hinges.

Neatness would help the house to look better. While visuals and rendering give an impression, it is a holistic feel that creates the whole ambience. Ambience is created by lights, hence lighting is very important. Warm light s good for the eyes and makes the place a lot cozier.


Loose furniture will bring life into the homes, not the walls or ceilings. For outdoor furniture, only Chennai, island and Malau wood are used.

Enjoy your new home!