Sourcing for IDs and Contractors

- First and foremost, it is best to choose either an Interior Designer or a Contractor to meet the renovation needs of your home.

- When sourcing for Interior Designers and Contractors, be sure to start researching at least 1.5 month before renovations.

- Duration of a typical renovation process: Space Planning -> Quotation (1 week) -> Upon approval, drawings are done up (2 weeks) -> Amendments (Varies based on individuals) -> Renovation starts when there are no more changes.

- Customers should shortlist the number of items they wish to see in the space planning and the quotation.

- A list of things should be taken note of during space planning such as orientation of room,
quality and type of furniture, the size of furniture as well as measurements.

Preventing Renovation Work Delay

- To make the process of the renovation as smooth as possible, most of the things have to be confirmed beforehand. Awaiting information changes in the middle of the project will cause unnecessary delays to the project.

- The average renovation duration should range from four to ten weeks depending on complexity of work involved.